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@piaguilliatt (instagram)

Pia is a multi-disciplinary artist whose work covers painting, sculpture, costume and set design. She studied Fine Arts at the Victorian College of the Arts, specialising in design for Theatre, and worked in various roles in this field before leaving Australia to travel and explore her painting practice. In both practices environmental sustainability is a major concern and she relishes the challenge of working within these parameters to explore humans’ relationships with their surroundings. In her theatre work, this manifested in an interest in immersive live performance projects where people of various disciplines could collaborate to create works that reach and engage audiences beyond the walls of the theatre.

Initially inspired by the colour palette of her home - the ochres and dusty greens of the Australian bushland – she now travels the world, finding inspiration almost anywhere, from the contours of the land seen from the sky, to crumbling walls layered with peeling paint and multi-coloured moss to the textures and innumerable intricate worlds in Mumbai’s chaotic streets. In her paintings, she attempts to capture the paradoxical beauty of our world - the treasure amongst the trash; the sharp lines of human development juxtaposed against nature's effortless fluidity. The result is something organic and somewhat familiar whilst also decidedly other-worldly.   




Danny and the Deep Blue Sea (Directed by Charlie Cousins and Laura Maitland) - Set Designer (2018)

The Living Stage Lorne - Assistant Designer (2018)

Work Show (Directed by Vanessa Chappel) - Co-designer (2018)

Chronic (Directed by David Sweeney) - Costume Designer (2017)

FRISK: Nineteen Ninety Nine - Set designer (2017)

The Living Stage NYC - Assistant designer (2017) -Internship in New York with Tanja Beer and Superhero Clubhouse

Dance ON: Post Truth (Choreographed by Sandra Parker) - Costume designer (2017)

FRISK: HOLT! Who Goes There? - Costume maker (2016)

Crush (Choreographed by Stephanie Lake) - Set maker (2016)

A Midsummer Night's Dream (Directed by Gary Abrahams) - Set maker (2016)

Chapel Perilous (Directed by Tanya Dickson) - Costume assistant (2015)


Common Thread - Group show at Hideaway, Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka (2019)

Banskia, Bruise, Bin Juice - solo show at Kau & Co, Melbourne (2019)


Eastern Narratives - Group show at Hideaway, Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka (2018)

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